Antonio Brown, his drama, his helmet, and his foot

Antonio Brown Steelers

A. Brown with all his issues.

Antonio Brown Frostbite Antonio Brown Foot

Antonio Brown. He’s been battling a foot injury – frostbite. Now I think this guy is drama but this could be a serious injury. The Raiders are still gathering all the information they can but they just traded for this man and paid him, they need him to be an active player. Raiders had a great QB in Derek Carr, and are slowing improving the roster. Trading for AB was a great move for the Raiders and they have Jon Gruden as coach. Gruden has been supporting AB so far but one can only imagine, why?

Brown is obviously a very talented receiver there’s no doubting that, but the man is a cancer to the team. His prima donna antics make him trash. I love his playing but seriously, let’s get to football and play the game!

The helmet controversy.

The Helmet Issue

Brown has been causing quite the drama with his helmet antics. A few months ago the NFL banned the older helmets players used to wear. Antonio made it clear that he did not want to wear the new NFL approved helmet. Players like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady previously expressed their interest in the old helmets, but rules are rules.

Once Brown decided it was time, he argued he would not wear the new improved helmet, threatened retirement and filed a grievance against the NFL. Arbitration denied his request for the old helmet.Brown can now either put up or shut up.  In recent news, it seems he’ll shut up, wear the new helmet, and re-join his Raiders teammates.

The AB we love

Everyone obviously loves Antonio Brown because he’s one of the best recievers the game has ever seen. These other issues have begun to raise some eyebrows. He used to be one of the most popular guys in the NFL ,but in the end all his crap with the Steelers made him one of the enemies. It’s interesting to see what will happen with him and Oakland.

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Kawhi Leonard goes to HOLLYWOOD with the LA Clippers


Kawhi Leonard & Free Agency

Kawhi the master Free Agent

After days and days of waiting, we finally have a decision from free agent, Small Forward Kawhi Leonard. The Los Angeles Clippers. All I can say is thank god it wasn’t the Lakers! He’s also from LA so it makes sense he wanted to go back home, that was clear when he requested a trade from the San Antonio Spurs. Leonard signed a 4 year $142 million deal with the Clippers and also got All Star, Paul George to request a trade from Oklahoma and join him. George is also from LA so he’s pretty happy about the move as well.

The Clippers over the Lakers

Kawhi & LeBron

Between LBJ, Magic, Pelinka, and all the “Lake show” drama, Kawhi wanted no part of that. He loves his privacy, he doesn’t want to be doing all the shows and movies like LeBron is. The Lakers also have Anthony Davis. Leonard is too talented to be 3rd fiddle on a team. Kawhi has also been wanting to play with Paul George for some time so he had to do his own recruiting before announcing his free agency decision.

Championship team coming?

2 All Stars

Can Leonard and George lead this team to its first Finals? After what The Klaw did in Toronto, I absolutely believe so. Kawhi did what LeBron was supposed to do in his first year with the Lakers – win the chip. Leonard is an absolute monster of a two-way player, he has the ability to lead any team to the Finals. He is a lock-down defender and amazing on offense.

The future of The Klaw in LA

New Balance deal

Los Angeles gives Kawhi Leonard the opportunity to grow his New Balance brand and nail some killer endorsements. He also can be a legend of his own with the Clippers. The team, since 1970 has 0 retired numbers, 0 conference titles, 0 championship and only 2 division titles. He can bring success to this team and be the first Clipper to have his number retired. Best of luck to Kawhi!

Kawhi & Paul



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Boston Bruins – Going all the Way In the Stanley Cup

Boston Wants the Cup!

Boston V St Louis

Do the Boston Bruins want the cup? They’re proving it. After a rusty 2 periods in game one, they kicked the dust off and scored 4 unanswered goals to win the game 4-2. They currently lead the series 1-0 with game 2 on Wednesday. The Bruins haven’t been to the Stanley Cup Finals since 2013. They devastatingly lost that year to the Chicago Blackhawks.

Something Sparked

Boston Bruins locker room

In the First round of the playoffs they took the Toronto Maple leafs to a game 7 and won the series. In the Second round they won in 6 games against the Columbus Blue Jackets. When they played the Carolina Hurricanes, it was more of a rainstorm because they swept them! This team REFUSES to quit. The fire and passion between Pastranak and Marchand continues to keep them alive. Tuukka Rask has been incredible. Should Boston win, he’ll definitely be taking home the Conn Smythe Trophy.

The fight against the Blues

The St. Louis Blues are not going out without a fight. But neither are the Bruins. They scored the first 2 goals leaving Boston fans wondering if they were walking away with a Win Monday night. Somehow, someway, they did not give up. After almost 11 days off, they showed they were too rested, but immediately came back strong.

Start of a new Era

Boston Core

Let’s face it, Chara is heading into retirement sooner than we think. However, the B’s have a newer team. They have players that are getting a taste of a Finals appearance and will want more of it. David Pastrnak is only 23 and is the future of this team. Bergeron will be taking over as Captain soon enough and still has plenty left in the tank. Charlie McAvoy, and Charlie Coyle are upcoming young studs who want to show the world that they have tremendous talent. Expect this team to continue to improve with Coach Bruce Cassidy, and the improving core.

Boston Bruins Stanley Cup

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Golden State Warriors- Will they be Champs Again?

Golden State Warriors In the Playoffs

Golden State Warriors celebrating a Win
Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors are incredible at basketball with 5 All -Stars on the roster. After they added Kevin Durant in 2016, they only improved. They were 57-25 in the regular season this year, in the playoffs (so far) they’re 9-4. The chemistry has altered between egos. With KD & Curry running the show, this team remains unstoppable.

KD injured; the team going forward

Warriors KD & Curry

With Durant being injured with a calf sprain, I believe this team is still finding ways to win, beating the Houston Rockets 4-2. I think they desperately need Cousins back as well. Adding another big man gives them the advantage they need on both defense and offense. Green and Thompson have stepped up and are committed to this team and winning another Chip. Surprisingly the team performs better without Kevin Durant. KD will be able to play against Portland, but he’ll miss a few games.

How they can win

Golden State starting 5

Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and DeMarcus Cousins.  Those five in the starting lineup are lethal. If the Warriors want to continue to win, they’ll have to stick together. They need an improved bench because the starters are doing all the work. This team plays well, just a matter of staying consistent.

Coaching & Health concerns

Golden State in the playoffs

Steve Kerr is the head coach. Since taking over the Warriors are 3-1 in the Finals. He’s a winner, and it shows. KD & Boogie being injured hurts, but doesn’t shut them out. They will still win. Adding those 2 Superstars gives them the bigger advantage. Durant playing right now, he’s the best player in the league. He dominates on each side of the floor.

5th Finals trip

Warriors Champions

The Warriors are currently 1-0 in the Conference Finals against the Portland Trailblazers. The 2 Curry brothers battling it out will be interesting to watch. If they win this series they’ll face either the Toronto Raptors, or the the Milwaukee Bucks in the Finals. Assuming all 5 All Stars are in the lineup, Giannis or Leonard don’t stand a chance against this squad.

Golden State next series

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Boston Red Sox current slump – no worries for the future

Boston Red Sox Up & Coming

Boston as the current champs

The Boston Red Sox are 2018 World Series champions. However, at the start of he season they seem to be in a slump. They currently sit 6-10. What seems to be the reason for the collapse?

After winning the World Series the Sox are sort of hasty right now.

The Best is Yet to Come

In the 2018 season the Sox went 108-54 in the regular season.  They still have Mookie Betts, Xander Bogaerts, Chris Sale and David Price, so what’s going on? Their manager, Alex Cora is so smart, and knows what to do with this team’s talent, I’m not worried. It’s only a matter of time before they’re on a winning streak.

Winning Team

Boston Champs 2018

After coming off a very successful season, the Sox aren’t doing too great. That sometimes happens, but it shouldn’t with this team. The Sox are going through what we call a Championship Hangover. This team is solely going to rely on the hitting of Betts, Bogaerts, Martinez, Bradley JR, and possible Pearce. The team isn’t lacking chemistry that’s for sure. Just knocking off some rust, and the hits will be coming. The talent is undeniable with this team.

Injuries Not a Problem

While the team is suffering from few injuries, if they can stay healthy, they can most certainly repeat as Champions. We’re waiting for Pedroia to explode like he used too and hopefully he will. While he’s expect to make $15 million in base salary, he’ll definitely need to show improvement this year. And Sadly Steven Wright is still serving his suspension but nothing to fear, he’ll be throwing knuckle balls rapidly.

Impeccable Pitching

Boston Pitcher Chris Sale

Of course, the Pitching will need to be immaculate. The division could be up for grabs with the Yankees getting better, and Tampa Bay on top. The Sox won’t just settle for the wild card, they want to win the Division and be on top as they were last year.

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Lakers in Trouble with Organization on the Rocks

The Lakers Franchise is a Mess

Lakers front office addressing media

Los Angeles Lakers President of Basketball Operations, former All Star and Champion Point Guard, Magic Johnson decided to step down from the job. He cited that he “wasn’t having fun, and missed being the bigger brother” to the organization.  It’s assumed that the entire coaching staff will be fired, after they failed to make the playoffs, for the 6th consecutive season.

Known for being a successful franchise, and winning 16 titles, right under the Boston Celtics having 17 titles.

This season though, has been the worst so far.

Landing LeBron James

lakers SF LeBron James upset

They managed to sign the best NBA player right now, but still missed the playoffs. Regardless of injuries, LeBron did more with less last year with the Cavaliers. I’ll give LeBron a little leeway because of his injury, because before he was injured they were sitting at the 4th seed in a very competitive West. I honestly believe signing LeBron was a bad move, on both sides. Now LeBron is in the middle of a disaster season, and the team around him is crumbling.

Distractions, Distractions, Distractions…

LA pickups

Anthony Davis is one of them. The Lakers tried too hard to acquire him in a trade. LeBron’s agent, Rich Paul, leaked the trade information so that made things awkward in the locker room. Lavar Ball managed to stay semi quiet during the year, but still managed to insult the coach, Luke Walton.

Even Magic Johnson got sick of the “backstabbing”. When the President of the team is sick of it, something’s gone wrong, and the public just isn’t aware of it yet.

Lakers coach and LBJ

LeBron James is focusing too much on being “Hollywood”. I get it, that’s why he came to LA, it wasn’t a basketball move. But for one of the greatest franchises, it should’ve been. Lakers are all about winning championships, not just games.  James is focusing on movies, shows, simply soaking up that California Love.

Lakers front office
Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

This team can be in the playoffs next year, it’s going to be an interesting free agency and off season. They’ll need a new president, coach, basically a new team as well.


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New England Patriots Still Contenders – Without Gronk

The Team Going Forward

New England Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski has retired, Brady’s years are winding down, now the owner, Robert Kraft is in legal trouble? What’s the next move? The Team can’t be falling apart! Can it?

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski have been an incredible QB-Receiver duo over the last 9 years. Brady is losing his most trusted guy. So what will the Patriots do next? It’ll be hard drafting the next Gronk, and TE’s like him don’t come around often. The Pats have 12 total picks for the upcoming draft. That’s more than enough picks to build back the offense, and make improvements on defense.

Bill Belichick certainly knows how to draft correctly so this will be exciting to watch. Fellow Terrible Call writer, Ken Matias is a huge Pats fan and also predicts them drafting a young Tight End so this team can continue to dominate. It’s unclear if they get a franchise TE like Gronk, but only time will tell.

Gronk Celebrating9 Years of the Best TE

Since entering the league 9 years ago he’s suffered 15 injuries, including concussions, sprains, fractures, etc. Sad to see such a talented player have to hang up the jersey this early. He retired to preserve his health and body, by doing so he made the best decision for his long term health.

Rob’s leaving the game with 79 touchdowns, 7861 yards and 521 receptions in 113 games played. He’s absolutely heading to Canton as a 1st ballot Hall of Famer.

Gronk dancing after scoring a touchdownThe future

What’s next for Gronk? It’s Hollywood. The man is all about attention, he’s a well liked guy, so there’s nothing wrong with that at all. WWE, movies, more commercials, you’ll continue to see his face EVERYWHERE. He made his mark in the NFL now he’ll look to make it on the silver screen.

As for the Patriots – everything will work out great. With Brady still at QB, they’re still a Superbowl bound contender. Drafting a talented TE, and WR need to happen in this draft because Brady needs another go to man. Expect improvements on both offense and defense. As long as Belichick is still coaching, the New England Patriots will always be contenders.

Gronk as a Champion


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New York Giants – Rebuilding

New York Trade & Free Agency

Odell Beckham Jr. is no longer a New York Giant. It’s been a few days for me to process the Giants trading away their All Star WR to the Cleveland Browns. Hopefully in the long term, it’s for the best. Time will only tell. Until then, it may be a rough year or years to come. For Giants fans just trust in the front office and Dave Gettleman to improve this team.

The Drama in New York

It shouldn’t be a big surprise the Giants traded Beckham. Although the GM Dave Gettleman said “we didn’t sign Beckham to trade him.” Why he said that, then went against his word, we’ll never know. The New York Giants are a class act organization and won’t tolerate any drama. That’s what Beckham was bringing  – unnecessary drama.

A suspension, multiple fines, talking about his teammates, also who can forget the infamous “boat trip”. Odell is talented and plays with heart, while we can respect that, he’s also a prima donna. It’s clear the Giants are in rebuild mode, and Beckham isn’t a part of that future. Even though last year the Giants signed him to a $90 mil, 5 year deal. He’s been battling injuries, he hasn’t played a full NFL season since 2016. While definitely a superstar, the Giants feel he’s too much a liability rather than a team leader.

Rebuild Mode

Eli Manning’s in the final year of his contract. Beckham is gone. It’s going to take a lot more than just RB Saquon Barkley to improve this team. The offense isn’t too promising. The defense? Well it’s bad, just awful. Offense ranked #17 altogether in 2018, while defense ranked #24. This team needs to rebuild fast to meet any playoff aspirations.

New York Will Improve

Yes, Beckham is a once in a lifetime player. Trading him saves money against the cap, and gives them another 1st round pick (6 and 17 overall first round). With the draft picks they have, they’ll find a solid QB & WR, while still having picks to improve the defense. Even if they tank this year, they’ll have a “boat” load of money to work with next year, clearing up Manning’s contract.

It may seem as the end is near for Giants fans, but don’t count them out just yet. Beckham is not a major loss. Drafting correctly, spending money where it should be spent will be important while free agency is still going on. Don’t count out the Giants trading up, looking to draft Kyler Murray.


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Who’s the GOAT – MJ or LBJ?

Charlotte Bobcats’ team owner Michael Jordan shakes hands with Miami Heat forward LeBron James (6), after the Heat defeated the Bobcats, 109-98, in Game 4 of the NBA Eastern Conference quarterfinals at Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, N.C., Monday, April 28, 2014. The Heat swept the series, 4-0. (David T. Foster III/Charlotte Observer/MCT via Getty Images)

We’re always talking about who the GOAT really is. If only talking NBA, time to end the debate. It’s Michael Jeffrey Jordan.

Why not LeBron James?

LeBron in his career has obviously given question for some debate, until he does something foolish. James has played for 3 different teams, winning 2 titles with Miami and 1 with Cleveland. Playing for Cleveland for the first 7 years of his career, then leaving in what is known as “The Decision”. Joining the Heat to win titles left him as the most hated athlete for some time.

Joining the Lakers was a move made out of pure frustration and the desire the entertain in Hollywood. While LBJ’s resume is impressive, he still has to deal with being 3-6 in the Finals – the most important stage of a NBA players career.

A Resume that includes a 4x season MVP, 3x Finals MVP, 15x All Star, ROY, 12x All NBA, top 10 in all time assists, and #4 all time scoring just to name a few accolades. While James has accomplished a lot, it’s more of his drive to win that doubts him as the greatest. We’ve seen him give up multiple times, and play defense when he wants.  LeBron lacks that “killer” mentality.


Michael Jordan was a fierce competitor, with a killer instinct, a desire to win, not chase stats. When it came to the main stage, Jordan didn’t lose, and never even had to play in a game 7. Every year Jordan was on the Bulls they went to the playoffs, regardless losing in the first round a few times.

He was dominant on both offense and defense, and even blessed us as dunk contest competitor, winning twice. A resume including 6x Champ, 6x Finals MVP, 5x MVP, 14x All Star, DPOY, ROY, 10x scoring champ, and the list literally has no end.

The Real KING

Jordan was, and still is a loved player. He put his blood, sweat & tears into the game, and was loyal which the fans adored. Had he not retired twice during his prime, he’d have more championships and no one would catch him in all time scoring.

My Take

Now this is my take on this never ending debate. By all means LeBron is one of the greats and funnest to watch. It’s hard to argue when both have different skills sets, and play 2 different positions. LeBron may never catch up to the GOAT, but he’s certainly still going to try and have an incredible career when it’s all said and done.

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Kyrie Irving – Leaving in Free Agency?

Is Kyrie Irving Returning to Boston?

If I had to guess today, Kyrie Irving will most likely not be returning to Boston once the season is over. Hopefully for Celtics Fans, I’m wrong, but if you’ve been paying attention, the signs indicate he’s good as gone.

Image result for kyrie irving

Before the Trade Went Down

Image result for kyrie and lebron

Kyrie Irving demanded a trade from Cleveland before the start of the 2017 season. He wants to be the leader of his own team, escaping the shadow of LeBron James. So the Celtics traded for him. Swapping their PG Isaiah Thomas who was unhealthy with a hip injury, they started fresh with Irving.  Cleveland also received a first and second round pick. The Celtics received an All Star PG assuming they could convince him to re-sign long term. In the 2014-2015 season with the Cavaliers, Irving signed a contract for 5 years. Including a player option in the fourth year (We’re in that fourth year now).

Image result for kyrie irving

Team chemistry and frustrations

In February, he went on record saying to “ask him on July 1st” if he’s going to re-sign. Wait a minute, didn’t he say back in October, “If you guys will have me back, I plan on re-signing here next year“.

Image result for celtics and kyrie irvingIrving’s visible frustrations are showing as the season continues. He wants this team to go exactly his way. Boston currently sits at the 5th seed in the East (38-25). While a playoff push is definitely going to happen, going to the Finals may not happen.  Team chemistry is fading and Irving could be the problem. Last year this young, talented Celtics team almost took down LeBron’s led Cavaliers to go to the NBA Finals. All without Kyrie, as he went down with a knee injury. We understand he wants to win, but him taking shots at his teammates, severely puts his leadership into question.

Teaming up in New York

Image result for kyrie and KD knicks

Finally, the KD video we are all still talking about. During All Star weekend it appears that Ky is telling Kevin Durant that the New York Knicks will have 2 max slots in free agency, hinting for them to team up in NY. Now we don’t know for certain if that’s what he said, but him and KD are best friends so one can only wonder.

Come July, Irving will most likely opt-out becoming an Unrestricted free agent. Or he could sign re-sign with Boston and stay put. The Celtics are loaded with talent, it simply cannot only be “Kyrie Irving’s” team. Either he’s going to adjust or possibly head to New York sharing the spotlight once again. We’ll have to sit patiently and wait for July 1st to see how NBA Free Agency plays out.

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