The World Is Flat – By Kyrie Irving

The world is flat says Kyrie Irving, as he took Bean Town by surprise with an announcement that he plans to resign with the Celtics next year. Kyrie has run his mouth before about a variety of topics and we are never really sure to believe him or not. What are Celtics Fans supposed to do?

Kyrie Worth The Cash?

So the dude is obviously a stud on the court and is very opinionated off the court. As fans do we really care about the latter? I know I don’t. I’m all about the sauce and jelly. As a Celtics fan I’m ecstatic to have him on the squad long term. This is the thing with Kyrie, Danny Ainge can’t be afraid to sign him to a long term deal. I’ve seen mixed reviews about Kyrie and whether or not he’s worth a max contract. He absolutely will demand that and he is absolutely worth that. Here’s Why.

The Player

Kyrie Irving proved to be a leader and an unselfish player. Once he ditched “The King” and came to Bean Town he was able to show his true colors. Before his year in Boston I could argue him outside the top 5 at his position. Since his arrival I could argue him into the top 3 PGs in the league very easily. Some can make a case for the Best PG in the league. Although it is the most competitive and stacked position in the NBA, Kyrie looms atop the list of the best at his position. Hands down he has the best handles in the league and even though his numbers aren’t astonishing he makes the Celtics operate with a fluidity that very few have ever brought to the table.

The Dynasty

With this Squad in tact the Celtics will compete at a very high level for multiple championships year after year. If Kyrie and the gang can stay healthy they will have the opportunity to become a legit dynasty, as is. This is the team that was built on the traded backs of the last “almost dynasty” in the the bleed green history.

Uncle Drew

He’s a movie star, nuff said!

The Lure

Go ahead tell me it’s a bad idea to tie up that much money in one guy. Go ahead and tell me this signing will ruin any chance of Bringing the Brow to Bean Town. I don’t care. In my mind it has to help get Anthony Davis there. This won’t impact that negatively at all. Everyone in Boston just Assumes that AD wants to come to town. That’s a big negative. Absent the Lure of Kyrie Irving, good luck signing a Superstar like The Brow. I’m sure if a trade was involved and moving Kyrie for AD was an option having Kyrie wrapped up in a long term deal would benefit the Pelicans or any team that receives Irving for that matter.

Kyrie’s World

For now it’s Kyrie’s World in Boston. Celtics fan should be super happy with the opportunity to watch a master at work. The wizard of all NBA handles. An unselfish player that really just wants to win games and produce championships for a City that will love him. If Kyrie Irvin does stay and his Celtics teams can win multiple championships, he will put on the same pedestal as Tom Brady and Larry Bird. He will become a legend in Boston if not all Sports history, he will become a GOD. Well, he already is the Point GOD.

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