Lakers in Trouble with Organization on the Rocks

The Lakers Franchise is a Mess

Lakers front office addressing media

Los Angeles Lakers President of Basketball Operations, former All Star and Champion Point Guard, Magic Johnson decided to step down from the job. He cited that he “wasn’t having fun, and missed being the bigger brother” to the organization.  It’s assumed that the entire coaching staff will be fired, after they failed to make the playoffs, for the 6th consecutive season.

Known for being a successful franchise, and winning 16 titles, right under the Boston Celtics having 17 titles.

This season though, has been the worst so far.

Landing LeBron James

lakers SF LeBron James upset

They managed to sign the best NBA player right now, but still missed the playoffs. Regardless of injuries, LeBron did more with less last year with the Cavaliers. I’ll give LeBron a little leeway because of his injury, because before he was injured they were sitting at the 4th seed in a very competitive West. I honestly believe signing LeBron was a bad move, on both sides. Now LeBron is in the middle of a disaster season, and the team around him is crumbling.

Distractions, Distractions, Distractions…

LA pickups

Anthony Davis is one of them. The Lakers tried too hard to acquire him in a trade. LeBron’s agent, Rich Paul, leaked the trade information so that made things awkward in the locker room. Lavar Ball managed to stay semi quiet during the year, but still managed to insult the coach, Luke Walton.

Even Magic Johnson got sick of the “backstabbing”. When the President of the team is sick of it, something’s gone wrong, and the public just isn’t aware of it yet.

Lakers coach and LBJ

LeBron James is focusing too much on being “Hollywood”. I get it, that’s why he came to LA, it wasn’t a basketball move. But for one of the greatest franchises, it should’ve been. Lakers are all about winning championships, not just games.  James is focusing on movies, shows, simply soaking up that California Love.

Lakers front office
Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

This team can be in the playoffs next year, it’s going to be an interesting free agency and off season. They’ll need a new president, coach, basically a new team as well.


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The Lebron James Effect – What “The King” in L.A. Means for the NBA

Pacific Sunwear of California Inc

Long Live the King

Lebron James shocked the world with his announcement to leave his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers. Well not really, we all new his time in “The Land” was over. King James’ departure for the Los Angeles Lakers was no surprise but what does that mean for the rest of the league? Let’s look at the key people/organizations affected by the Kings move.

1. The Los Angeles Lakers

Well, this is obvious, the Lakers are back. I wouldn’t go as far to say King James makes them a contender out West. What I will say is that they are going to compete. They will make the playoffs. With the return of Kyle Kuzma and if Brandon Ingram develops into a star they may compete for a championship. Adding Rondo, Mcgee, Stephenson, and Beasley add depth and experience. I just see a lack of shooters here. That’s going to be a problem. Picture a lineup with Lonzo, Rondo and Lebron on the court. Lebron better start playing off the ball with this squad. Regardless of the team around him, the Lakers are the obvious winner by landing Lebron James.

2. The Cleveland Cavaliers

The poor Cavs just became the whitest team in the league, that’s a issue. This is the NBA, not curling. Even Clarkson is fading away pictured above. Obviously they are back too, back to the bottom of the barrel. Did Cleveland fans burn #23 jerseys this time? All they can hope for is that Lebron does one last farewell tour at the end of his career. Maybe he’ll come back when he’s 40 and build one last Super Team. Cleveland probably won’t even want him at that point. He’d have to build another school or maybe a church for Ohio to want him back after leaving them again. Who am I kidding the Cavs are going to be so bad over the next several years they’d take him back at 60. Point is Lebron left and the Cavs are back to irrelevant.

3. Kevin Love

Winner Winner chicken dinner! K Love is about to be the man again. Sure his team is going to stink but with the power forward killer gone, Love is going to blow up. Even if he gets traded or gets bought out who cares. He just signed a 4 year 120 million dollar deal with the Cavs. In big part to the organization saying damn we can’t lose everyone. In a weak East, Kevin is on top and if he can bring the Cavs to playoffs by himself maybe he can get someone to join him next season. It’s your time to shine Kevin Love, getter done!

4. The Boston Celtics/Toronto Raptors/Philly 76ers

Guess who is not going to the finals this year, that’s right DA CAVS. I’m going with Boston, but one of these 3 teams barring injuries or accidental death or dismemberment will be in the NBA Finals in 2019.

5. Lonzo Ball

With Lebron and Rondo now in town where is this kid going to play? As previously mentioned this backcourt puts these guys on the wings when the King has the ball in his hands. Shooters anyone? I don’t see Magic moving Lonzo either. Nobody’s going to trade for this kid. “Zo gonna be on DA Bench.”

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts, thanks for reading!


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