Boston Red Sox current slump – no worries for the future

Boston Red Sox Up & Coming

Boston as the current champs

The Boston Red Sox are 2018 World Series champions. However, at the start of he season they seem to be in a slump. They currently sit 6-10. What seems to be the reason for the collapse?

After winning the World Series the Sox are sort of hasty right now.

The Best is Yet to Come

In the 2018 season the Sox went 108-54 in the regular season.  They still have Mookie Betts, Xander Bogaerts, Chris Sale and David Price, so what’s going on? Their manager, Alex Cora is so smart, and knows what to do with this team’s talent, I’m not worried. It’s only a matter of time before they’re on a winning streak.

Winning Team

Boston Champs 2018

After coming off a very successful season, the Sox aren’t doing too great. That sometimes happens, but it shouldn’t with this team. The Sox are going through what we call a Championship Hangover. This team is solely going to rely on the hitting of Betts, Bogaerts, Martinez, Bradley JR, and possible Pearce. The team isn’t lacking chemistry that’s for sure. Just knocking off some rust, and the hits will be coming. The talent is undeniable with this team.

Injuries Not a Problem

While the team is suffering from few injuries, if they can stay healthy, they can most certainly repeat as Champions. We’re waiting for Pedroia to explode like he used too and hopefully he will. While he’s expect to make $15 million in base salary, he’ll definitely need to show improvement this year. And Sadly Steven Wright is still serving his suspension but nothing to fear, he’ll be throwing knuckle balls rapidly.

Impeccable Pitching

Boston Pitcher Chris Sale

Of course, the Pitching will need to be immaculate. The division could be up for grabs with the Yankees getting better, and Tampa Bay on top. The Sox won’t just settle for the wild card, they want to win the Division and be on top as they were last year.

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Damage Done! 2018 Boston Red Soxs World Series Champions

Damage Done!

This year history was made when the Boston Red Sox, once again, are world series champions for the fourth time since 2004, which broke the curse of 86 years drought of winning. People and critics are saying that this team might be the best ever, out of all the championships that the Red Sox have won. I am not disagreeing with the talent and coaching staff under manager Alex Cora, and all the moves that general manager Dave Dombrowski made last off season. The motto of the entire playoffs was “Do Damage” just like the sweatshirts said that they wore during games, and they sure delivered!

(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Series Recap:

The Los Angeles Dodgers had a tough match up going against the MLB’s best Boston Red Sox, who led all of baseball with 108 wins on the season. I felt pretty confident that Boston would come out on top in the series, but didn’t expect them to be 4-1 series winners. I strongly believed after what LA did a season ago against the Houston Astros (seven games) that we surely would see 6-7 again this year, but that didn’t happen. David Price and Chris Sale dominated the entire series with the starting pitching. The bullpen also stepped up, Joe Kelly, Nathan Eovaldi, Craig Kimbrel in big spots. Steve Pearce was well deserved being the series MVP with his big homers late in games. Cora made all the right moves even in the longest world series game, even though they came up short.

Looking Ahead:

Chris Sale, David Price, and Eduardo Nunez all opt in there contracts already for the 2019 season. Everyone is asking what they should do with Joe Kelly, Nathan Eovaldi, and Craig Kimbrel? I’d say resign what you can not for to much money but hometown discounts. Red Sox don’t need a Bryce Harper caliber player, keep the core you have at this moment. Next off season is huge so keep it at a minimum this season and wait to see a year from now and how it will play out.

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